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Obscurix -- A veritable freakshow of the strange.

What can we say about Obscurix? It was born the brainchild of geeks who love the odd and esoteric – writers and researchers who dreamed about turning their passion for true crime, their curiosity about the paranormal, their love and hate of human history, and their need for the weird into full-time careers. And here it is, a veritable freakshow of the strange, showcasing the darkest and most peculiar elements of our reality. 

Before you ask – yes, our brains hurt as well. We’ve also read the mind-blowing facts presented on our website, and that feeling is simply your brain expanding, we assure you. That’s our mission after all. Obscurix is here to educate and entertain you lovely readers, and in this mission, we strive to be as factual and honest as possible. All of our articles are sourced to the best of our ability. Every reference can be cited upon legal request. If you happen to find inaccuracies or typos in our articles, please reach out via our contact form so we can swiftly address them. Until then, dear readers, we hope you enjoy every bit of morbid, dark, strange, and outlandish we at Obscurix have to offer.

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